About Us

SF Grill Castro Catering offers corporate and private catering throughout San Francisco and the greater Bay Area. We provide organic food from local farms to promote sustainability, while increasing performance within the corporate world with our fresh fare. Our finely crafted menu provides premium quality meals that utilize the abundance of locally-sourced ingredients to better improve health within society. SF Grill Castro serves the freshest cuisine offering a fine-dining experience that generates a greater quality of life. Cooked fresh and delivered promptly, we strive to create healthy food that pleases the palate. As our menu changes throughout the year, our vision of providing exceptional food is as plentiful in flavor as the seasons.

SF Grill originated at the Farmers’ Market in 2009, launching a grass roots business that stirred a cult following of like-minded foodies and colorful personalities. As we gained support, Bistro SF Grill became the next venture opening its doors in 2010, offering a fixed location for the public to enjoy exotic burgers, Slavic delicacies, and Southeastern European wine and beer.

SF Grill Castro Catering  emerged in 2011 as our ideology of businesses and farmers uniting to greater serve the wellbeing of our community developed. We represent a true American story, formed by two Bosnian biochemists, Hasim Zecic and Seni Felic.Our Catering Director, Jose Figuearo, dreams up our delectable menus indulging in the exotic flavors of his native country, El Salvador. By use of our expertise of food and nutrition along with a philosophy to encourage cohesion of sustainability, SF Grill fulfills the American dream.

Cheers and bon appétit!